“Display self-control and sleep with guys to satisfy yourself only” – Kiddwaya advises lady



Reality star, Teseer Kiddwaya has issued out a piece of candid advice to a lady who complained about inconsistency in her love life.


In a question and answer session that was recently launched by the star on his Instagram page, a lady complained about men who sleep with her and suddenly disappear after the romp.


The lady wrote:


”I’ve never actually been loved back. I am beautiful, but guys want s3x then disappear.”


In response to this, Kiddwaya said:


”So flip the script and change the narrative. Take love out of the equation. Sleep with guys to satisfy yourself. Convince yourself that you’re in control, not them. Let him bend you over, then after your done with the satisfaction, put your shoes on, pick up your channel bag then walk out the door. Don’t forget to collect your pride on the  way out.”

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