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EPL: John Terry told to delete post about Chelsea owner, Abramovich immediately


Labour MP, Chris Bryant, has urged former Chelsea captain, John Terry to immediately delete his post on Twitter about Chelsea owner, Roman Abramovich.

Bryant branded Terry’s message to Abramovich as ‘appalling’, insisting that the former England international was celebrating the Russian billionaire while Ukraine is being bombed.

He said this after Terry paid tribute to Abramovich on Twitter on Thursday.

Abramovich had confirmed on Wednesday that he is selling Chelsea, claiming that the decision ‘is in the best interest of the club.’

Terry was Chelsea’s captain for the majority of Abramovich’s time at Stamford Bridge and following the 55-year-old’s announcement, the former defender posted a photo of them together with the Premier League trophy along with the caption: ‘The best.’

In response to Terry’s message, Bryant urged the former footballer to delete the post ‘ASAP’.

Bryant tweeted: “This is appalling.

“I think @JohnTerry26 you should take this down ASAP. The people of Ukraine are being bombed, shelled and murdered while you celebrate Abramovich.”

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