“First wife’s children are usually the most successful” – Dencia drops hot takes on polygamy


Cameroon-born Nigerian singer, Reprudencia Sonkey, known professionally as Dencia, drops claims on how children of the first wife are usually most successful in polygamous homes.

According to the singer who often attacked the Nigerian music industry noted that first wives in polygamous homes are more focused on the wellbeing of their wards, unlike the younger wives who are more driven by jealousy and competition.

In a post via Dencia’s snapchat, she wrote;

“In polygamous homes, the first wife’s kids always thrive, they’re usually the most successful in the end cuz every woman after that is fighting position instead of focusing on their children. Be the 1st wife so ur kids can thrive.

Then the kids whose mom ain’t the 1st wife always feel secondary, then u have jealousy & hate holding them back, it’s hard to see the 1st wife’s kids hating on their half siblings, very hard.”






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