“It’s disrespectful to check your partner’s phone” – Blessing Okoro sparks debate


Relationship coach, Blessing Okoro better known as Blessing CEO triggers rants on social media as she asserts that it’s disrespectful for spouses to check each other’s phones.

In an Instagram post, she noted that only people who feel insecure would always want to peep into their partner’s phone to figure out if they are being cheated on or not.

Proving her point, she affirmed that people always hide to do this because they know how discourteous the act is.

Captioning the post, she wrote:

“It is disrespectful to check your partner’s phone. Yes including husbands and wives. Same way you can’t access their bank account without permission. Leave their phone alone.”

“Only insecure people go through people’s phones .

Some say they go to find out if he is cheating , if u find out will you leave 😀😀??

If u say it’s right why do u hide to do it, why not ask them to give u their phones ?”

Social media users who didn’t buy this idea of hers stormed the comment section to oppose it.

djjamzy_ wrote:

“It’s not disrespectful. Why can’t you have access to your partners phone. Let’s stop normalizing this. Marriage is a convenant and in a convenant there is unlimited sharing. Lol if I have a woman, she’ll be able to have access to my phone. Blessing please I disagree with you on this”

ebuka_170 wrote:

“Except you have something to hide why limit access to your partner”

dr_gelkyk29 wrote:

“If to say I nor check, I for stil dey relationship and he already planned to marry someone else in uk and everyone around him knew and I was jst a mumu in there midst forming wife 😂😂😂😂😂 I go check o bec my schedule is very tight to track a man down,best way is to check…… abeg I will check”


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