Lady calls out boyfriend’s stinginess after asking her for N500 airtime for the first time


Young lady calls out her boyfriend for being stingy towards her after he requested the sum of N500 airtime from her.

In a chat with a relationship adviser, the young lady in question listed out the basic financial assistance she does for her boyfriend and the little he does in return.

According to the lady, she felt it to be inappropriate after being billed for airtime worth N500 from her man who barely gave her N4K in the previous month.

Read the full narration below …

“I’m just surprised at something that happened so I just thought I share. I’ve been dating this guy for about 2 months, we’re close and looking forward to marriage hopefully later this year.

So the thing is we’re both working and atleast I fend for myself and buy stuffs for myself which I’m not complaining about. This guy sends me just 2k airtime a month which he has done twice now. I was just at work now and he called me to send him N500 airtime, and I’m here thinking why?

I don’t like men that ask , I asked him why is he asking me for such or is he testing me and he said don’t worry don’t worry, how can he even be that bold to beg for such.

This guy hasn’t even done anything for me like gifts or say take this money & buy something for yourself, is this sign of stinginess or a bad sign? how can he even ask me? I bought tomatoes, fish & spices one day on my way to his place cos we planned to cook and later he called for me to add maggi & salt, he didn’t even give me money later, just gave me tfare of 1k.

This is someone I thought of taking seriously and even already introduced to my family as my serious friend . Or does it mean he doesn’t take me seriously?

This is the first time a guy will be asking me for money or card no matter how little. I feel like he’s too quick to ask me for money/stuffs. I’m just confused, please advise. Is this a red flag or I’m i overreacting?”

“Women marry you for money and make your life miserable; na God save me” – Emeka Ike writes about abuse in marriage

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