Man narrates horrible experience at house party where armed robbers attended


Young man vows never to attend house parties ever again as he narrates a horrible encounter at one where armed robbers attended.

A Twitter user identified as @GhostPublicity took to the platform to share his experience at a house party that turned into a nightmare.

According to his narration, the party was all fun and interesting until robbers gathered them up and emptied their bank accounts.

Read the narration below …

“I don’t know even know where to start from because am about to tell you guys what happened to us, we haven’t gotten over it 😢😭😭. We went for a friends birthday house party in one of these 1004 apartments on Ozumba Mbadiwe, Victoria island.

There was drink, babes, ballers, smoke and everything you could think of but something happened at about 2am into the celebrant party, some guy we all don’t know slapped someone there and we thought it was a joke in less than 5 Sec’s we saw real life guns.

omo at this point i didn’t know what to say or do because all i was saying is “let this be a dream”, because me and house party never again. The other guy said everybody should drop their phones on the table and go naked 🙈😢aah me that don’t have four packs talk more of one.

Come and see babes all stack naked, men with penis and funny boxers 🤭 anyway let’s get serious here. These guys told us to unlock all phone’s and transfer money into this accounts ladies and gentlemen we were doing offering next thing they just dazed one of the girls and dragged

her upstairs locked the babe there.

After the transfer was done they told us to put all phones inside the bag and quietly go upstairs omo that’s when i knew it wasn’t a dream 😴.

I literally took in a deep breath, could you imagine what they did was to separate and lock everyone of us in different rooms.

Still locked the parlor main bullet proof gate took the key with them, we had to start trying to break the doors and walls 🥺🥺 not until 5pm after the robbers had gone one of the doors finally opened.

This was how i and my friends were able to come outside😭😭😭. They even took some guys cuban, bag of loud and sneakers.

You all be safe out there that’s the new stuff in town house party robbery because they know you all come with money changers and expensive phones to show off.

Don’t invite me for any house party again if you like bring girls with fat ass and boobs am not coming 🥺😭😭.”

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