“My boyfriend pays more money on tithe and offering than what he gives to me” – Lady laments


A lady has lamented about her boyfriend who isn’t financially supportive enough to her but rather pays more money for tithes and offerings in church.

According to her, in her relationship of 3 years, her boyfriend has not given her N50k at once.


She wrote;


“Good morning uncle joro. Happy Sunday, my bf and I have been dating for 3 years now. He pays tithe and drops more offerings than have ever been given. Since 3 years relationship, he has not given me up to 50k for once. But he pays tithe and church benediction in full fee Someone I gave myself to any day Have never refuse him sex ever In my life But I don’t get much.


He space the money If I ask for 30k he will give 15k, if I ask for 50k he will act like he can not hear anything am saying. But he church or any pastor is doing bday he will drop money for rice and crate of drinks If I ask for 100k he says am not ur daddy Ver somehow .erson. What do I do?”

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