New UK Prime Minister To Be Announced Today. Liz Truss Tipped


A TOWERING to-do list faces Liz Truss if she is announced as the new Conservative leader today, with the incoming Prime Minister’s inbox overflowing with issues to tackle.

The Foreign Secretary, Truss is expected to be unveiled as Boris Johnson’s successor at 12.30pm today when the result of the Tory leadership election is finally announced. For six weeks Ms Truss and her rival Rishi Sunak have toured the country setting out their different visions for the country.

Exclusive polling for by TechneUK published on Friday as voting closed indicated the South West Norfolk MP was set to storm to victory with the support of 64 percent of Conservative members compared to the 36 percent thought to have backed Mr Sunak.

While the candidates will only find out who has won the race for No10 10 minutes before the result is public, Ms Truss has already started planning for her expected premiership.

After weeks of accusations of a “Zombie Government”, the new Prime Minister will face extreme pressure to quickly get a grip on a number of issues facing the country.

Polling for this website indicates more than half of all voters want tackling rising energy bills to be the top priority for the new resident in Downing Street.

The TechneUK survey found 52 percent of the public saw it as the number one issue facing the country.

However, the number drops to just 39 percent among Conservative voters, with almost as many backers of the Tories (36 percent) saying tax cuts must be the no1 issue for the new Prime Minister.

At the same time, hardline Brexiteer on the Government backbenches in the House of Commons want fast action on tackling the EU over the Northern Ireland Protocol.

“She made clear it was a priority and I suspect she’ll deliver.”

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