Woman Returns €3,000 Left In Her Restaurant In Lagos


Eze Okwuchukwu Divine, a Nigerian lawyer, has announced on Twitter that a good Samaritan named Anthony Damilare found and kept her file containing €3,000.

Divine said the file also contained $200, a law school certificate, a Madonna University certificate, and WAEC and International English Language Testing System (IELTS) results, among others.

Damilare owns a restaurant at the Lagos airport car park, where Divine left her file after having a meal.

“Thought I lost it at the Muritala Muhammed Airport terminal or inflight to Istanbul, tried everything and I just asked my brother to go check there yesterday. Behold, she brought it out with everything intact,” said Divine.

“She’s at the airport car park in Lagos. She didn’t even want anything in return.”

When contacted by FIJ, Damilare said that when she found the file, she believed it was for a customer.

“I have cameras in my shop, and I have warned all my workers that if they find any missing item in the restaurant, they should keep it, and later on, the owner of the item will come for it,” she said.

“I’ve made all my staff understand that I don’t tolerate nonsense in my restaurant, and I don’t believe in taking what doesn’t belong to me. I am contented, and I give God the glory.”

Damilare said as a restaurant owner, she was used to people leaving their things in her restaurant. She said people had forgotten their phones and money countless times.

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